Sectet Bunny 2016

My friends…i missed you! It has been a while since i blog from this place. Easter holidays, Ios island, work, work, work etc But i promise i will back soon. Until then  I would like to present you an amazing blog Akamatra (i love that word i use it all the time for myself). I met Akamatra (almost interactively) through another blog Efzin where I took place to an Easter Game, a secretly gift exchange. I found Zina’s idea amazing and I joined in.  I was the secret bunny for Maria from Swanocean who loves pastry making, crafts, travels. The gift I received from Akamatra was a bag full of suprise :  candies, bracelets, earings, keyholder and the most pretty Easter egg made by her.

Secret Bunny 2016

Akamatra is a place where you can discover amazing ideas through its pages about crafts, fashion, decor and food.

Thank you girls!! Until next time take care!



10 Christmas table settings

Are you ready for christmas eve? Not yet? Lack of inspiration?Dont worry, i have for you 10 holiday table setting for all the tastes.


10 Christmas Table Settings and Decorations


My favorite is the last one. Yours?

Happy Holidays!!!

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