Dark home inspiration

I am thinking very seriously to darken my home interior. Why ? Living in Greece and particularly in Athens, we all know the sun is shining almost all year. Someone will think that I am crazy that I am complaining about the bright sun but do you know that most of the time this brightness turns to be tiring. You still believe that I am crazy but I cannot stand in my home any more due to reflexions from the bright colors. Dou you want to talk about the temperature level inside my home? This is a huge problemSometimes I have the need to wear my sun glasses inside home. I cannot stand the brightness any more. The solution to my problem might be the tents in the balcony but my apartment is in the 5th floor and the view is so awesome. So I am considering seriously that bright colors are not for me, I am going to replace them, step by step with dark hues.

So today I get my inspiration from these dark interiors

Have a great Day!!

all photos by my board on Pinterest – Dark Interior follow for more dark inspiration!



4 thoughts on “Dark home inspiration

  1. Αχα! Ειμαι υπερ, εννοειται. Και το ”σταδιακα” που λες, επισης σωστο. Θελω φωτογραφιες οταν τελειωσεις 🙂


  2. Κι εγώ είμαι υπέρ! Το σκέφτομαι εδώ και καιρό για το δικό μου σπίτι στη Νορβηγία!


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