9 Things you should do in June

It smells like summer, are you ready?  If not I have prepare for you a June list , things to do for the first month of summer . Feel inspired.

1. Go for a morning run / Go for a late night run

Definitely one of the best ways to start or finish you day is to go on a morning / night run. If you are a morning person, the morning run is a great feeling. Warm up with the sun slowly rising and breathe the morning breeze. On the other hand, a late night run gives you the benefit to empty your mind, while you have a chance to enjoy your exercise without having to worry if you have time to get things done.

2. Have a brunch party on your balcony

The perfect thing to do a Sunday morning. Have a bruch party. Decorate your place with a summer style or give a theme to your brunch, prepare salads, canapes, coctails, fruits etc and invite your friends . Have fun!!

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3. DIY

Open your DIY board on pinterest (I am sure you have one) and make something, its a challenge.

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4. Summer cinema

I cannot imagine summer without sea the same  happens with the summer cinemas. Watch a movie under the stars, dont miss it.

5 . Go on a road trip with your best friend

Grab your best friend (or your mate) and your car  and go on a road trip together. It doesn’t matter if it is only for a weekend.



Leave your car behind and walk! There are numerous reasons why you should leave the car at home. To mention a few, it’s good for the environment,for your purse, for you health even better for your bikini body!!


7 .Treat yourself to a flower bouquet

Buy yourself a beautiful bouquet. Place them on your dining table or workspace to make yourself happy.

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Listen your favourite music,dance, laugh, escape from the daily routines.


9. Read at least one book

Set a goal, to read at least one book in June.

photos  :

2a, 2b3a , 3b , 5a, 6a, 7a , 7b ,8a


8 thoughts on “9 Things you should do in June

  1. Yes yes yes!! Συμφωνώ και επαυξάνω. Τη βόλτα μου την κάνω με τα πόδια κάθε μέρα με τη Sushie, το βιβλίο μου το διαβάζω, DIY μόλις ξεκίνησα, είμαι σε καλό δρόμο 🙂


  2. Τι ωραίες προτάσεις! Απλές και εγγυημένες για ένα τέλειο καλοκαιράκι ακόμα και στην πόλη 😉
    Ευχαριστούμε Σόνια!


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