Sunday & 10 days before Christmas

Είμαστε 10 μέρες πριν τα Χριστούγεννα! Είσαι έτοιμη; Το σπίτι, τα δώρα, που θα γιορτάσεις, τί θα φορέσεις; Θα μαγειρέψεις και αν ναι τί καλό; Καταιγισμός ερωτήσεων και εγώ για ακόμα μια φορά τα έχω αφήσει όλα να γίνουν τελευταία στιγμή!


p>10 days before Christmas. Are you ready? Your home, the gifts,where are you going to celebrate, what are you going to wear, are you the cook for Christmas dinner? So many questions and for one more time i am not ready!





Καλή Κυριακή!


p align=”center”>Enjoy your Sunday photo via


4 thoughts on “Sunday & 10 days before Christmas

  1. Love your little soace here! Found your blog through your comments on! (Love sybelle too;)
    Wondering though, wheres your “follow” widget? Were both on wordpress, i should be able to just follow somewhere so i can het your posts in my teader section.?! Ok
    Happy Holidays for now 😉
    Jeanine, Canada


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